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Are you looking for connectivity for your business expansion into Africa.

Paratus Communication Service:

Paratus Communication Service is a dedicated high capacity wireless solution,  that delivers uncontended Direct Internet Access services, utilising a combination  of the Fibre Optic Infrastructure in conjunction with a robust 28Ghz Licensed Wireless solution for last mile access.  Paratus Communication Service is the ideal solution for your primary or redundant connectivity requirements, the solution for the business that requires fibre like connectivity and throughput, but is situated in an under serviced Fibre area. Paratus Communication Service offers dedicated, uncontended connectivity with various speed profiles. Paratus Communication Service is supported by the highest standard technology network Subject to Coverage and Line of Sight, the Paratus Communication Service can be deployed between 7 and 15 Business days.


We have partnered with all the major fibre providers in South Africa to ensure that you can be connected to a Fibre network


We have VSAT coverage over the whole of South Africa as well as providing VSAT services into 22 African Countries